Formation Experience

An adrenaline fuelled once in a lifetime experience for TWO. This is an unforgettable opportunity to be just feet from another aircraft, with high energy aerobatics and tail chasing. As a pair you will take flight with one of our highly qualified instructors, that include former Red Arrows pilots, aerobatic champions, display and competition aerobatic pilots. This exhilarating experience is conducted over the beautiful South Downs and the rolling white cliffs of the south coast.

50 Mins (40 min in the air) – £1098 (for 2 people)


(for two people)

FLIGHT itinerary:

  • You arrive at our office at Shoreham airport and will be welcomed by the team and offered a hot beverage.
  • Your instructor will give you a safety briefing and an outline of your flight in our T67 Firefly’s.
  • Your instructor will take you to the aircraft and there will be a brief opportunity to take some photographs.
  • You will experience the thrill or close formation flying, exhilarating loops, rolls and the excitement of chasing another aircraft through the sky.
  • When you are back on the ground (after completion of your flight) you will receive a certificate.

Flight video:

FPT Flight Voucher
FPT Flight Voucher

Take to the skies with us! No matter which experience you choose you will have the time of your life, but beware flying is addictive!


Congratulations for receiving your Trial Lesson with Flight Performance Training! Inside your envelope you will find your Trial Lesson Voucher; it is valid for six months from the day of purchase. It is essential that you bring the voucher to your lesson and hand it over to us prior to your flight.

If you look on your voucher you will find the flight duration. However, the time in the air is between 5-10 min shorter than stated on the voucher as the time includes the taxiing / queueing of the aircraft. This is common practice in all flying schools.

Absolutely! You will be taking control of the aircraft! Initially the instructor will depart the airfield into the local area. If you don’t live too far away, we can even try and take you over your house. Once up and about, your instructor will demonstrate the basic controls; these include gentle turns, climb and descend and straight and level flight. Then it’s your turn! If you booked an Aerobatic Experience of course your instructor will take control for those manoeuvres.

To book your flight, just phone or email your details to our Flight Operations Department and give us your desired day and time. Bear in mind that we may need 14 days’ notice to assure we can accommodate a specific day and time you would like.

Unfortunately, we can’t control the weather (as much as we would like to!), so if the flight has to be cancelled due to poor weather, then its just a case of rebooking for another day. A point to bear in mind – the weather in this country is very changeable, making accurate forecasting very difficult even for the next day. The weather likely to hold us o the ground is strong wind / crosswind, heavy rain, poor visibility, sea fog and low cloud. We will try our best to cancel as much in advance as possible if the weather is not suitable.

Of course! Your trial Lesson actually counts towards a Private Pilots Licence. For more information just ask your instructor or call our Flight Operations Department.

Parking in front of Hangar 7 is solely for staff in the building so please use the metered parking. If you are early for your flight and our instructor isn’t there, we would ask you to wait in the main terminal and come back at the time of the booking. There is a café with fantastic viewing over Shoreham airport.