Covid-19 Extension of Privileges

The UK CAA have now released guidance for the extension of validity and other time periods for EASA licences, ratings, privileges, endorsements and certificates of aeroplane and helicopter pilots, instructors and examiners conducting flying operations other than within an organisation holding a National Air Operator’s Certificate, Police Air Operator’s Certificate or required to comply with Part-ORO.

If your qualifications are running out contact us at for more information and see how we can help.

Our instructors are standing by to provide you with the required briefing in accordance with ORS4 No.1374 and extend your privileges till 22nd November 2020.

Brexit update

The UK government has been clear that as the UK exits the EU, its aim is to ensure continued transport connectivity in support of successful economic and social ties and as part of a deep and special future relationship.

The government continues to pursue an agreed Brexit by 31 January 2020 but different scenarios are possible, including that the Uk will leave the EU  without agreement. In light of the ongoing uncertainty Flight Performance Training has applied directly to EASA to become a third country training organisation therefore maintaining an EASA ATO and continuity to our clients whatever the outcome.

Flying instructor, IRI seminars

Flight Performance Training are pleased to announce that we have gained approval for the CAA to deliverFI and IRI seminars from our facility at Brighton City airport. The seminars will be run in association with Dorothy Saul-Pooley, with the next seminar scheduled for the 2nd-3rd April 2020.

Jet Masterclass elite programme

Flight Performance Training are pleased to introduce the elitePILOT ™ training program delivered by our training partners Jet MASTERCLASS. The newly certified elitePILOT ™ Airline Readiness Programme is enhanced Multi Crew Co-operation training to Airline Pilot Standards (APS MCC). It is designed to ‘bridge’ pilots from fATPL to first multi-pilot jet type rating and incorporates advanced swept-wing jet handling and airline operations scenario training.

Developed from the ground-up to meet a growing demand for high quality airline pilots, our competency-based training programme focuses on developing the necessary knowledge, skill and behaviours required to succeed in a fast-paced, safety-critical environment.

Jet Masterclass

CAA oversight statement

Flight Performance Training Ltd (GBR.ATO.0491) has submitted to the UK CAA a Training Manual, Issue 2.0 Revision 1, dated 8th May 2019, in support of its application for Advanced UPRT course approval.

Although, under EU regulation, the requirement for FCL.745.A Advanced UPRT course – aeroplanes does not come into effect until 20th December 2019, it can be confirmed that the theoretical knowledge and flying training described in the above Training Manual meets the requirements of the currently published regulations and any required training delivered in compliance with it will be credited in applications for the necessary additions to licences, certificates and ratings after that date.

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