Instructor Refresher Seminar Aeroplanes – FI/IRI/CRI

Course AIM

The aim of the refresher course is to refresh and bring up to date the technical knowledge of the instructor FI(A) or IRI(A) according to AMC 1-FCL.940.FI(a)(2). The course also referred to as the “Refresher Seminar”, is intended to:

  • Bring up to date the applicant’s technical knowledge.
  • Bring up to date the teaching and learning techniques.
  • Bring up to date the applicant’s ground subject and air exercises.
  • Ensure the applicant is familiar with the current EASA Part-OPS, EASA Part-FCL, and national regulations.


Before participating in the Flight Instructor (FI) & Instrument Rating Instructor (IRI) refresher seminar the applicant must be the holder of a valid or lapsed Flight Instructor Aeroplanes (FI A) and/or Instrument Rating Instructor Aeroplanes (IRI A).

Course duration

The seminar is delivered over two days, either virtually via Zoom or in the classroom.

Flying time

Not applicable.

Ground school

A minimum of 15 hours contact time over the 2 days.

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