Flight Instructor Certificate Aeroplanes – FIC(A)

Course AIM

The aim of the Flight Instructor Certificate (FIC) course is to equip the candidate with the required competencies and knowledge to deliver ground and flight instruction for Private Pilot’s Licence; and where approved, conduct initial flight training on an integrated commercial training course at the PPL level (Phases 1 and 2).

The candidate is ‘restricted’ until he has achieved the following in accordance with Part-FCL.910.FI FI – Restricted privileges:

  1. An FI shall have his or her privileges limited to conducting flight instruction under the supervision of an FI for the same category of aircraft nominated by the DTO or the ATO for this purpose, in the following cases:
    1. For the issue of the PPL and LAPL.
    2. In all integrated courses at PPL level, in the case of aeroplanes.
    3. For class and type ratings for single-pilot, single-engine aircraft, except for single-pilot high-performance complex aeroplanes.
    4. For the night, towing or aerobatic ratings.
  2. While conducting training under supervision, in accordance with (a), the FI shall not have the privilege to authorise student pilots to conduct first solo flights and first solo cross-country flights.
  3. The limitations in (a) and (b) shall be removed from the FI certificate when the FI has completed at least:
    1. For the FI(A), 100 hours of flight instruction in aeroplanes or TMGs and, in addition has supervised at least 25 student solo flights.


  1. General
    Applicants for the issue of an instructor certificate shall be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Additional requirements for instructors providing flight instruction in aircraft.
    Applicants for the issue of or holders of an instructor certificate with privileges to conduct flight instruction in an aircraft shall:
    1. For licence training, hold at least the licence or, in case of point FCL.900(c), the equivalent licence, for which flight instruction is to be given.
    2. For a rating training, hold the relevant rating or, in the case of point FCL.900(c), the equivalent rating, for which flight instruction is to be given.
    3. Except in the case of flight test instructors (FTIs), have:
      1. Completed at least 15 hours of flight time as pilots of the class or type of aircraft on which flight instruction is to be given, of which a maximum of 7 hours may be in an FSTD representing the class or type of aircraft, if applicable; or
      2. Passed an assessment of competence for the relevant category of instructor on that class or type of aircraft.
    4. Be entitled to act as PIC in the aircraft during flight instruction.

An applicant for an FI certificate shall:

  1. In the case of the FI(A) and FI(H):
    1. Have received at least 10 hours of instrument flight instruction on the appropriate aircraft category, of which not more than 5 hours may be instrument ground time in an FSTD.
    2. Have completed 20 hours of VFR cross-country flight on the appropriate aircraft category as PIC.
  2. Additionally, for the FI(A):
    1. Hold at least a CPL(A); or
    2. Hold at least a PPL(A) and have:
      1. Except for an FI(A) providing training for the LAPL(A) only, passed the CPL theoretical knowledge examination, which may be taken without completing a CPL theoretical knowledge training course and which shall not be valid for the issue of a CPL.
      2. Completed at least 200 hours of flight time on aeroplanes or TMGs, of which 150 hours as PIC.
    3. Have completed at least 30 hours on single-engine piston powered aeroplanes of which at least 5 hours shall have been completed during the 6 months preceding the pre-entry flight test set out in FCL.930.FI(a).
    4. Have completed a VFR cross-country flight as PIC, including a flight of at least 540 km (300 NM) in the course of which full stop landings at 2 different aerodromes shall be made.

Applicants for the FI certificate shall have passed a specific pre-entry flight test with an FI qualified in accordance with FCL.905.FI(i) within the 6 months preceding the start of the course, to assess their ability to undertake the course. This pre-entry flight test shall be based on the proficiency check for class and type ratings as set out in Appendix 9 to Part-FCL.

An applicant for the FI certificate shall be at least 18 years of age, and shall hold a valid Class 1 or Class 2 medical certificate. A medical certificate (also referred as “medical”) is a statement from the approved medical doctor that the applicant satisfies the health requirements to operate an aircraft in flight. To enrol on the FI(A) course, an applicant shall complete the application form and pay the course deposit.

An applicant shall have achieved English proficiency at Level 6 as a minimum requirement of language skill, as evidenced by their licence.

Course duration

The FI(A) Course will be conducted either full-time or part-time to suit candidate requirements. Full time courses will operate 5 days a week from 0900 to 1700 or later if the night qualification is required. The course is expected to take 6-8 weeks but is subject to weather. Part time courses are expected to take a minimum of 30 working days, and a maximum period of 6 months. The course will integrate the theoretical knowledge, briefings and airborne exercises.

Flying time

In case of an FI(A), at least 30 hours of flight instruction, of which 25 hours shall be dual flight instruction.

Ground school

25 hours of teaching and learning.
At least 100 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction, including progress tests.

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