Aerobatic Rating (FCL.800) Training Course

Course AIM

The aim of the aerobatic training is to qualify licence holders to perform aerobatic manoeuvres.


Before commencing the aerobatics rating the student must have at least 30 hours of flight as Pilot in Command (PIC) in aeroplanes or Touring Motor Gliders (TMG) following the issue of the licence.

Course duration

A full-time course of flight training for the Aerobatic Rating is expected to last 1 week, weather dependent. The training can also be completed part-time to suit the students availability.

Flying time

A minimum of 5 hours for the EASA aerobatic rating, and 8 hours for the AOPA certificate. Most students require more than the minimum 5 hours to demonstrate proficiency.

Ground school

The course consists of 8 hours instructor lead ground school.

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