Red Arrows ‘Synchro Pair’ Experience

A thrilling day of flying

The ‘Synchro Pair’ Corporate Experience will show you a new perspective on the world. A thrilling day of flying with rare access to two former RAF fast- jet pilots, instructors and Red Arrows ‘Synchro Pair’.

Two adrenaline-filled 45-minute flights will leave you with unique, lasting memories as our pilots push these aerobatic aircraft to the limit. During interactive and insightful pre-flight briefings you’ll learn that success in the air starts well before take-off – our pilots will talk openly and frankly on what it takes to perform in some of the most pressurised environments imaginable.



The experience begins as you pull up at Hangar 7 — a modern, executive aviation venue at historic Brighton City Airport. As you arrive you’ll receive a warm welcome and light breakfast from the hosting team.  While you enjoy your coffee they will orientate you, provide you with schedule of the day’s events and then fit you with your own military style flight suit.

Briefing 1

The first briefing starts with a welcome from the pilots and an outline of the forecast weather for the day. The pilots will introduce themselves and discuss their flying careers up to and including their time with the Red Arrows – they will talk about teamwork, trust and team selection.

So your head isn’t completely spinning when airborne the pilots will explain the techniques involved in the types of flying you’ll be doing: formation flying, aerobatics and air combat.

This is a dynamic, intense experience; as such, safety is paramount – all relevant safety briefings will be covered.

All that’s left to do is strut out to the aircraft (sadly not in slow-motion).


Flight 1 will be an eye-opener into the world of military flying. You’ll experience aerobatics and g forces – all within touching distance of another aircraft!

Taking off together, both aircraft will remain 5-6 feet apart as they manoeuvre out towards the beautiful white cliffs of the South Coast. Once established you’ll experience aerobatics and inverted flying before taking the fight to the other aircraft with some air combat.

The flights are fully bespoke so if there’s something you specifically want to do (or definitely don’t want to do) there’s no pressure. You can always just sit back and watch the other aircraft do it before you decide!


After you land you’ll have an opportunity to relax and take stock of the first flight. You’ll be served a gourmet, home made style lunch which you can enjoy in our unique and exclusive venue. Our team will be on hand to assist with anything you need – allowing you to enjoy your time out of the office and soak up the aviation atmosphere.

Briefing 2

While Flight 1 is still fresh in your mind our pilots will discuss and debrief the first flight – involving topics such as leadership, credibility and performance. The pilots will then illustrate how the Red Arrows’ Synchro Pair plan and execute a display – highlighting the communication and trust involved.


This is the rare and unique opportunity to step into the world of the Synchro Pair. You’ll experience their breakneck head to head passes and dizzying patterns.

This flight also gives you the opportunity to experience inverted formation flying – a unique skill of the Synchro pair.

If you still have any energy left our pilots will give you the chance to experience advanced air combat – building on your knowledge from the previous flight – looping and rolling on the tail of the hostile!


At the end of your day you’ll be presented with a personalised token of appreciation detailing your experience – one far removed from a normal day in the office!

The ‘Synchro Pair’ Corporate Experience will show you a new perspective on the world. A thrilling day of flying with rare access to two former RAF fast- jet pilots, instructors and Red Arrows ‘Synchro Pair’.